“Digital medicine for digestive health and disease

Sector: Health tech
Founded: 2016
First Invested: 2019
Located: Houston, Texas, USA. Athens, Greece.
Website: http://www.vivantehealth.com/


Health tech


First Invested

Houston, Texas, USA
Athens, Greece


Vivante Health is a digital health company with a bold ambition: completely redefine the way people live with conditions that are invisible, neglected and stigmatized, beginning with the gut. The company created GIThrive®, the first ever all-in-one digital program for gut health and disease. Features include GIMate®, a tiny, handheld device that measures digestive activity with a simple breath test, and GutCheck, the at-home microbiome test kit that highlights bacterial imbalance in the gut. Together, these tools help people understand exactly which foods are best for their bodies so they can feel better, live better, and reduce their cost of care.
Kimon Angelides

Kimon Angelides

Founder & CEO

A scientist, educator and serial healthcare entrepreneur, Kimon also founded three other successful healthcare startups, including digital  health company EosHealth, which became Livongo, and debuted with a $335M IPO in July 2019 (NASDAG:LVGO) and $4.4B valuation on a fully diluted basis. He’s published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific pieces and holds more than 40 patents.

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