Another problem that people often face is unwanted room noise. This may come from an air conditioning unit, passing traffic or your fridge, either way it can totally ruin a recording. 

The best way to deal with noise is at the source – it’s always a wise move to turn off any mechanical equipment you may have in your recording room. If there’s really nothing you can do about the noise in your recording environment then you can always deal with it in post production, noise removers can be a very effective way of dealing with unwanted background sound.

Want to know more about noise and how to deal with it? Then we’ve got the guide for you.

Microphone technique is an art form, how you use your microphone will vary depending on microphone type, the purpose of your recording, your voice type and much more. However, for good recordings every time a fail-safe rule of thumb is to position yourself about six inches from the microphone and to keep your head still whilst you record – simple but effective.