Premiere Pro is a classic, computer-only video editor – it’s powerful and used by industry professionals the world over. Premiere is feature-rich, the level of control you have over your edits is leaps and bounds ahead of Rush, however, most content creators will not have any need for these features. If all you want is a basic editor for making travel vlogs, then Rush is the way to go.

Learn how to edit audio in Premiere Pro.

Rush has a more limited functionality, you won’t be able to edit with the same level of control that Premiere Pro provides, however it allows you to perform all basic video editing tasks with ease. In addition it can be used on both a computer as well as a mobile device.

When it comes to price, Rush is the more affordable of the two options. Adobe uses a monthly subscription model so you can’t buy either Rush or Pro outright. Premiere Pro will set you back $19.97 a month whereas Premiere Rush is $9.98.