Big Pi is a venture capital fund investing in Greece. We invest in projects where technology and intellectual property are core to their value proposition. Our investment focus is twofold:

  • Supporting visionary technology entrepreneurs in well-rounded teams that are building their startup or are ready to scale up.
  • Backing brilliant researchers in universities and public or private R&D centers that want to bring projects from the lab to the market

We believe that mobilizing networks of people that want Greece to succeed is key to our goals. We work with diaspora Greeks that have built professional careers outside Greece, and with engineers and executives who recently left Greece to pursue international careers abroad.

What we offer


We are a diverse team with a proven track record in identifying and fostering market-ready technologies, and which can support founders all the way from product design to scaling up for the global market.

We will help you to:

  • Set up and evolve your corporate structure
  • Manage product development in both software and hardware products
  • Recruit the right people at the right time
  • Form and execute an Intellectual Property strategy
  • Generate first sales with enterprise clients
  • Scale your sales force and customer support for fast growth
  • Plan your finances and performance metrics
  • Negotiate follow-on rounds of funding, all the way to an eventual exit

Investment criteria

Defensible position


We focus on businesses that have a distinct and defensible advantage against their competitors. 

This means products or processes that can be patented, or kept as secret know-how, or a team with unique skills.

Big market and a real problem


Market size must be adequately large. Businesses addressing just the Greek market will not be considered.

Candidates need to be addressing a real problem that is tangible and affects users in important ways.



We support ambitious and focused business people AND exceptional engineers or scientists. Ideally a founding team will have both before we invest. In some cases we will work to fill the gaps after we invest.

Business-driven teams should have a deep understanding of the market they operate in and have figured out how to acquire customers. 

Technology-driven teams must include key contributors to the invention on a full-time basis. They should include someone with a clear vision of how the invention will be made into a product.