Let’s face it: Students need engagement in self motivated activities not necessarily academic goal oriented, that are associated with pleasure and enjoyment. Kids aren’t always in the mood to sit still and pay close attention to the teaching activities but sometimes are hyperactive . Teachers can improve students’ comfort, attention and behavior by applying meanigfully designed play activities for kids to explore through their senses, there’s never a right or wrong way to do something, and there’s never an end outcome to expect. This is why Kinems creates sensory processig games for your classroom: to provide your students with an environment to express themselves and work out that extra energy.

Introducing: Lu Lagoon! Your students can now dive into an underwater adventure. The student appears on screen with colorful fishes swimming around. The student can clap her hands together to produce food for the fishes, and watch as they swim towards here. If the child makes any sudden movements, the fishes will scatter and swim away. Lu Lagoon is an effective way to calm energetic students, as they must control their movements if they want to attract more fish on screen.

Lu Lagoon is a great game to use sensorimotor activities to help students learn to interpret and use sensory information more effectively. Also, it is great to reorient your students after lunch or recess and help strengthen how the brain processes and prioritizes thoughts and external stimuli.
With the timer feature, teachers can give students up to five minutes of relaxation time to calm them down after an active period. Children can play in the lagoon alone, or with up to three other classmates. This underwater activity is great for getting students to interact with one another, working together to feed the fish.

Your students will look forward to express their emotions and attention, cooling off in the lagoon and feel refreshed!