We’re sure there have been moments in your classroom where you’ve seen your kids struggling in forming letters and numbers. You get a huff and puff or a drop of the pencil when they simply want to give up in trying to trace these characters on paper. We’ve all been there!

To help alleviate the frustrations – have you considered to teach your kids how to handwrite through body movement activities such as air-writing? Through air-writing, children can learn how to trace and form these characters more efficiently by flowing their arms in large free motions.

So how can you easily teach the method of tracing and air-writing while also blending physical activities into your next handwriting lesson? With our latest movement-based game, ZokoWrite!

Introduce your class to our animated fun-loving mole rat, Zokor, to help kids successfully collect apples and dig through routes that are shaped as letters or numbers. Your kids can learn tracing the alphabet and numbers in an engaging way like never before while happily sweeping their arms and fingers through the vibrant paths that Zokor needs to dig through!

Watch ZokoWrite in action here:

After the first ZokoWrite experience session in the classroom, your kids will not want to stop tracing! Let’s face it – it doesn’t get any better when you can combine learning activities with a fun interactive game that gets your class in motion.

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