More often than not, great audiovisual story telling is let down when content creators treat the audio component of the term as a mere afterthought. Good foley, careful sound design and memorable soundtracks are surefire weapons in your sonic arsenal, but how do you tie everything together and make sure you’re grabbing (and holding) your audience’s attention? With viewer attention span on the web constantly decreasing, what should you be doing to differentiate yourself and make your videos really make a splash (pun intended)?

Setting aside foley and soundtrack – which are extremely important features of video content in their own right – transition sound effects are an excellent way to not only add quality to your content, but also help you establish a signature sound for your brand. Adding recognisable whip, zip and whoosh sound effects to your title cards, name tags and transitions energises them, creates real movement and gives your audience an important auditory queue they can instantly associate with your videos – even if they’re not looking at the screen!