Each platform has its own terms of use agreement that dictates their response to violation, which can range from removal of content to banning users.

But it’s not just a financial issue. Copyright Infringement is essentially a form of theft (intellectual property theft), therefore it can be deemed as immoral or unethical. Not only is the artwork stolen, but any potential profits it could have generated are taken from the artists and redirected to the thief. 

It also devalues the economy of artistic work. The thief, by stealing the work, shows they don’t respect the time and resources that have been used to create it, thinking that makes it acceptable to use it for free. By the same logic, the thief’s own work is valueless, and can be reused freely. 

This is often overlooked because music is an abstract product, the theft doesn’t seem as tangible as traditional property theft. Copyright infringement can be equally as immoral and damaging as car theft. Using copyrighted music as if it is free to use music is damaging.