Reorder slots in Audio Clean-Up Assistant

As users of our Audio Clean-Up Assistant will already know, this handy tool makes your workflow more efficient by creating chains of powerful ERA tools.

For example, you can quickly load up a podcast-ready chain with Voice Leveler, De-Esser, and Voice Deepener, giving your sound a professional polish in seconds. 

In addition, if you find an audio repair chain you like, you can save it as a preset for later. This means when editing future projects, you can have the perfect vocal chain at your fingertips. 

Alternatively you could simply use one of our many pre-built chains. Designed by professional audio engineers, these presets will save you in many common cases, but of course you can tweak them to your personal preference. 

Reorder slots in Audio Clean-up Assistant

The easy-to-use reordering slots make it easy to hear how the chain sounds when you reorder your ERA tools.

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