Attract the Talent so Tech Can Thrive in Greece

“Some of the best start-ups we see at Big Pi Ventures are founded by Greeks in the US or Europe, who have decided to establish their research and development team and their support units back home.”

What other untapped resources can shape the future of the startup ecosystem and technology sector in Greece? – Aristos Doxiadis

The Challenge of Multi-Generational Leadership (Video)

Delphi Economic Forum, 2019

“The ability to choose the right people, compensate them properly, and keep them with you for many years, while they are growing and helping you grow, is the true secret of success for an entrepreneur.” – Marco Veremis (In Greek)

Entrepreneurship, Growth and Innovation (Video)

Delphi Economic Forum, 2019

“A good question is what role can Greece play in this environment of innovation from our little part of the world. And the answer is: Actually a lot.” – Alex Eleftheriadis